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A Guide to App Monetization in China
Category: News,Business
Introduction and ContextSo you’ve just finished developing the next mobile gaming smash hit. You’ve already planned to launch your game worldwide and win the hearts of gamers eve...
Female gamers in China
Category: Blog
The latest forecast by Niko Partners shows promise that gender equality in gaming is on track to reach 50/50 by the end of 2020, as figures show a consistent rise of 4% year on y...
The Case for Ads Monetization
Category: Featured,Blog,Business
We have been receiving many inquiries on why ads monetization may be a better solution than in-app purchases for the Chinese market. This article argues that this is due to a cul...
Experts in App Releases for the Chinese Market APPTUTTi Announces app Developers BlueC Inc, Will Become APPTUTTi Japan
Category: News
Any wise app-developer wants access to the Chinese market the largest and quickest growing in the world.  Hong Kong-based APPTUTTi specializes in this area, recently announced th...
Everything You Should Know about App Stores in China: Vivo App Store
Category: Blog
The App StoreThe Vivo App store is one of the main mobile application stores in China. The app store is preinstalled on all Vivo smartphones and it claims to have over 10 m...
Growing China App Market and a Solution for Local and International Developers  
Category: Blog
China’s app marketIn 2015’s app market survey, it was statistically analyzed that China has the largest market to date. Developers from all over the world (Yes, not just Chinese ...
APPTUTTi – One fine solution to get your Apps in the right marketplace
Category: Blog
Where you have over a billion mobile users in a single country, it’s quite a challenge getting your app used widely across all the cities. The country we are talking about here i...
some key points cannot miss before localizing game to china
Category: Blog
For the first time, China is expected to surpass the United States as the biggest gaming market in the world. So if you’re not already localizing your games so they can be shippe...
How to successfully publish a mobile game in China
Category: Blog
Many developers want to publish their mobile games in China, a market ripe with opportunity.  But how do you successfully do this? We could write a 253-page novel about what it t...