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The easiest and most direct way into China

APPTUTTi provides multiple options for app and game developers to enter the world’s largest mobile marketplaces. Over one billion mobile devices are waiting for your creations. Learn more about our packages below. Enter the top stores in China with APPTUTTi.

RSPP Services@2x

RSPP (Register/Submit/Plug/Publish). The easiest way to publish in China. Simply register and submit your apps and games for quick publication.

Publish in China today.

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RSPP Services copy@3x

DDCP (Deep Dive Customization Program) offers the strongest level of co-operation between you and APPTUTTi. We will work closely with you to tailor our services to fit your specific needs and strategically plan for your apps/game success in local marketplaces.

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Other Services

We want your Apps & Games to deliver a user friendly interface and resonate with your users. We provide a FREE professional translation service for up to 1,000 words. No google translate, no confusion. Our translation service is carried out by experienced gamers and professional translators.
Apps and games that have in-app purchases are required to have 2 documents for publication in China. An IP protection certificate and a publishing license (ISBN). APPTUTTi helps partners apply and register for these documents through our professional dedicated team.
Sometimes you simply want to focus on innovation and the creativity of your Apps & Games. Our SuperSDK eliminates the time and resources required to integrate your project for local markets. APPTUTTi’s SuperSDK Integration Services are quick and direct ways to increase compatibility of your app(s) in China and Unexplored markets. These services are only available to our registered partners upon request.