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Spring 2023 Games Published in China with APPTUTTi

Posted by: APPTUTTi
Category: Blog

April has been a thrilling month for us! We have selected 5 of our best overseas titles published this month:

1.    Klocki 模拟烧脑游戏

Relaxing puzzle game that doesn’t get old brought by Polish Indie developer Maciej Targoni in 2016 and selected as one of the best mobile games 2016 by Apple is now available in China.

Experience the ultimate relaxation with “Klocki”! Our game is designed to be minimal, simple and zen. The Chinese version of the game, unlike the rest of the world, is free-to play and is to be released on Android, iOS and Wechat mini-programs. Our game can be played without internet and features a great meditative, ambient soundtrack that will help you unwind. With cloud save, you can pick up where you left off anytime, anywhere. Download “Klocki” now and experience the ultimate relaxation!


2.    Volley Beans 球神之战

An entertaining casual sports title from Serbian studio “Tummy Games” is aiming to expand its fanbase in China after gaining 8 million downloads on Google Play.

The rules of this volley league are simple and easy to learn. You'll never get bored playing this 1v1 volleyball game with these cute little beans! It's simply addictive and super cute that you'll want to spend every free minute during the day enjoying it. Jump to score and beat your opponent by hitting that ball! Download it now here: https://app.tutticlub.com/app/shares/game.html?uid=7665dc6bb256b88ae1906a9bee9ff49c

3.    Draw Creatures 疯狂竞技场

A popular hypercasual arcade from Japanese studio Tatsumaki Games, that hit 4 million downloads on Global, is now at hand of China audience!

Unleash your creativity with our new drawing game! Draw lines and pictures freely to create your own creature and fight against your opponent to drop them out from the field to win. Download it now and let your imagination run wild!


4.    Fall Ragdoll 极限酷跑

…and another booming title from Tatsumaki Games! Double joy for Chinese hypercasual fans!

Download it here https://app.tutticlub.com/app/shares/game.html?uid=4da683134b5a2ec6bab750e1c34cc26c and see how far your Ragdoll can fly!

5.    Super Dragon Warrior Saiyan 超级龙战士赛亚人

A fun 2D platformer brought by Pakistani developer Mohsin Baber from “Crazy Monkie Games”.

Experience the ultimate fighting with the new anime-inspired game! With 20 unique levels and 5 bosses, separated in 3 unique worlds, you'll face various challenges and fight to be the legend and champion. The game features an exciting combat system that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Choose your favorite warrior and unlock more powerful warriors as you defeat your enemies. Download our game now and become the strongest warrior!


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Author: APPTUTTi