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February 2022 Games Published in China with APPTUTTi

Posted by: APPTUTTi
Category: Blog
Our efficient RSPP model and industry-approved SuperSDK simplifies your publishing journey to China so you can focus your time and efforts on developing the best mobile gaming experiences for all.

The Lunar New Year break and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics did not stop us from publishing a whole host of games this month. Let's check out the RSPP games that were launched in China in February!

Music Box Lite (小小音乐盒)

Goran Mijic, Serbia

An educational music game for all ages. Choose between a simpler xylophone (perfect for beginners) and a more sophisticated piano (perfect for those who want a challenge). Select your favorite children's song and start hitting the keys. Follow the lyrics and sing along to the tune. Check out how your performance went!

Zombie Fear: Survival Escape (僵尸逃生 - 生存)

Rabbit Bay Games, Italy

When you find yourself in a dark psychiatric hospital with the walking dead around you but no weapons, only your brain can stop the apocalypse and help you escape.

Dino Jump (跳跃恐龙)

Upp App, Armenia

Dodge the falling meteors and jump high up to the skies with Din the Dino.

Apple (苹果弹球) 

Black King, Ukraine

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Emergency Air Firefighters (紧急空中消防员) 

Dreamforest Games, Ukraine

After the launch of Emergency Firefighters 3D (紧急消防员 3D) in China last month, the team at Dreamforest Games is back with another exciting firefighting adventure. This time, we are saving lives from the skies!

Fps Shooting Strike: Gun Games (突击火线) 

Mizo Studio, Pakistan

With over 10M downloads on Google Play, we are thrilled to bring this FPS hit to China. Get ready to perform counter terrorist shooting and deadly gun strikes to knock out all enemy forces and lead your squad to victory.

FNF Classic Hit Mod: Unbeaten Boyfriend Rhythms (节奏人生 : 不败) 

Annoying Freak Games, Spain

Funkin and Girlfriend will be eternal with that love in the air and such good songs. Dad and mom will have to accept the truth while you hit all the arrows and achieve a perfect score. Own mod-adaptation of the awesome Friday Night Funkin' music and arcade game.

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Author: APPTUTTi